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Virtual Girls into Geoscience is back for 2021! After the success of Virtual GiG 2020, the teams behind Girls into Geoscience across the UK and Ireland decided to come back together to put on another virtual geoscience extravaganza! We have developed a jam-packed programme of Field Trips, Careers Talks, Panel Discussions, Workshops and More for this year's event. Read on to find out more.


VIRTUAL Girls into geoscience 2021 timet

Fantastic Fieldtrips

Our field trips will take place on the 28th of June. You have the choice of doing two:

Your first field trip, choose from: Ancient Landscapes and Life or The 500 Million Year History of the Isle of Skye

Your second field trip, choose from: Hidden Glaciers on Earth and Mars or Devil's Tower - Wyoming

We will also be holding a fieldwork panel discussion on the 28th after your second workshop.

More information
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Meet our field leaders!
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Careers Talks

Day two of Virtual GiG will kick off with our careers talks. We are so lucky to have four super inspiring women lined up to speak to us.



Anjali Goswami headshot.jpeg
Natasha Dowey headshot.jpg
2019_Marie Cowan_head and shoulders.jpg

Anjali Goswami

Natasha Dowey

Marie Cowan

Rehemat Bhatia

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Panel Discussions

The Virtual GiG event in 2021 will host four panel discussions. The first, on life in the field will take place after the virtual field trips on Monday the 28th of June. The remaining discussions will all take place on the morning of the 29th of June. These are:

  • Careers with our career speakers

  • Dealing with change, challenges and opportunities

  • Applying to university

Q and A panels long.jpg

Wonderful Workshops

We are offering a choice of six workshops on the afternoon of the 29th of June. You can choose two from the six offered. Theses are:

  • Volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis, why look at one? Let's do them all!

  • Peruvian glaciers and water resources

  • Forensic geoscience: using geology to solve crimes

  • Microfossils as a window to the climates of the past

  • Telling the time with sand grains

  • Adventures on Mars

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Optional networking lunch

In addition to all of the activities above, we're also going to be holding an optional lunchtime chat with more geoscience role models. Join us on the lunch break for a less formal, un-structured chat about anything geoscience that you fancy!

FREE Geological Society Membership

We are so excited that our partners over at the Geological Society of London are offering on year's free membership to all attendees of Virtual Girls into Geoscience 2021! With your membership, you'll have access to all of the fantastic things on offer from the Geol Soc, and it'll look really good when you're applying to university!

Remember, Virtual Girls into Geoscience 2021 is COMPLETELY FREE! Sign up now to take part in our virtual geoscience extravaganza!

Virtual Girls into Geoscience 2021

Field Trips
Careers Talks
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