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Girls into Geoscience - Ireland

Who are we?

Girls into Geoscience - Ireland is a programme aimed to introduce Senior Cycle female identifying people to the geosciences. The organising committee for each Girls into Geoscience - Ireland event is composed of inspirational women  and allies from universities and geoscience professions in the area that the event is taking place. Each event is overseen by iCRAG's Education and Public Engagement team. Girls into Geoscience - Ireland is the flagship programme for iCRAG's Geocareers programme.

​Girls into Geoscience Internationally

Girls into Geoscience – Ireland has been inspired by the very successful Girls into Geoscience programme led by the University of Plymouth. Girls into Geoscience has expanded in recent years to include events in Scotland and Wales, as well as a junior scion in Leicester.

A fantastic article on the growth and transition from a local to an international event of Girls into Geoscience can be found here.

What do we do?

​Girls into Geoscience - Ireland aims to present at least one event each year. In the past, each event has been composed of an event day (located at one of Ireland's fantastic universities that offer geoscience subjects to undergratuates) and, a new addition from 2019, a field trip day. The event day features inspirational talks from  role models in the geoscience professions, workshops and chances to network with the role models. The field trip is an introduction to university level field work and life in the field. No prior experience is needed for either the event day or the field trip and even better, they're both free!

Engagement in the post COVID-19 landscape

Moving forward, event days will be conducted virtually to minimise any COVID-19 risk. Virtual events will follow a similar format to the Virtual GiG event which was immensely successful in 2020. We are also looking to broaden the Girls into Geoscience - Ireland programme to involve TY and final year school groups. More information on this will be available soon!

Image Gallery

Loughshinney Folds
Event Day Activities 2019
Virtual GIG attendees
UCC Geology Garden
Galway Inspiration
Dublin 2019
Galway 2018
Cork 2018
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